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Have a listen to and read what some of our South Side Young Members have to say about the Weekly Academy and Holiday Projects.

Back in April 2020, a month into the first national lockdown, we received this amazing and uplifting letter from one of our Weekly Theatre Academy members about why South Side is special to them!


At first I had never done drama or maybe even heard of drama, but I did get called a drama queen and sometimes still do. But that was before I knew South Side. When I heard my was going to do it, I just went for it.

At first I was scared, even petrified, I was so worried for it, but I was just glad I was doing it with a friend. At school I heard tonnes of my other friends were going to drama, but me and my friend did not think it would be ours. But it turns out they were going there but when me and my friend went first they weren’t there. But the next week they were all there!


I really love drama because you don’t have to be yourself, you’re someone different. I may not have the loudest singing voice, but I have an amazing time.

I would love for more people to come because the more people, the more friends. It doesn’t matter how you are feeling because at South Side they’re always some things you love.

If you like music then there are loads of songs and dances. The games are amazing. They inspired me to play those games not just there but at school, at home, anywhere! They’re always new amazing games to play every week.
I have asked my mum to invite some of my family and other friends. At South Side you can make more friends every week. Everyone is funny and very kind.


Elen, Juniors Weekly Academy Member

What Our Parents & Students Say

What Our Parents & Students Say

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"Being in South Side helped me a lot and made me feel so much better. I felt like I'm finally part of something and I really needed it in that moment!"
Helena, 14
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