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Secondary School & Sixth Form Workshops

Outstanding Stage

Experiences For Your Students

At South Side Theatre Academy offer an array of Secondary school Workshops. We offer tailor made workshops to suit the individual needs of teachers and their students. They can be designed around any theme or topic of your choice, or we can offer one of our already designed workshops below.


To enquire about a workshop for your school please contact our Artistic Director on

Playful Puppetry

In this fast paced introduction to puppetry workshop students will explore ways to bring every day objects to life, starting with creating a flock of birds using pieces of paper, up to creating full size characters using everyday objects. 


(11-18 Yr Olds, Multiple formats - one-off workshop, all day workshop or a weekly workshop)


A View to Directing

Are your young people interested in learning how to direct theatre or film or just interested in diving into theatre but not quite sure they want to act? Our directing skills workshop looks at how to take a script and bring it to life on stage along with how to lead and direct a cast and crew. 


(11-18 Yr Olds, Multiple formats - one-off workshop, all day workshop or a weekly workshop)

Physical Theatre 101

Want to build on your physical skills? This active workshop supports students in exploring their bodies to create exciting and dynamic choral movement sequences and images. This workshop centres around using teamwork to develop physical theatre work.


(11-18 Yr Olds, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

Creating a Character

This practical workshop will give your students the building blocks to develop and create their own characters or enhance characters from a script. We will leave them with both group and solo exercises they can do throughout a rehearsal process to create a well-rounded, engaging character.


(11-18 Yr Olds, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

Improv Station

Our improvisation workshop looks at a range of ways of creating theatre from scratch, whether it may be from using a stimulus to creating something out of nothing. This hilarious and fast-paced workshop is a great for developing confidence and communication skills. 


(11-16 Yr Olds, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

Exploring Devising

This jam-packed workshop will introduce students into ways of creating and unlocking stories and characters through devising. This can also be ran as a longer term workshop devising a full piece of theatre.


(11-18 Yr Olds, 1-1.5 hours workshop or weekly across a term)

Young Voices Project

The 'Young Voices Project' works with young people of ages 11-18 through Schools and Youth Groups to create devised pieces of theatre, with an aim of the piece to give young people a voice they wouldn't have otherwise. This thought-provoking project really helps developing confidence, social and performance skills. We specifically recommend this project for anyone from a socially disadvantaged background or has any special-educational needs. Read more about it here.


(11-18 Yr Olds, Multiple formats - all day workshops or a weekly workshop across a term)

GCSE & Sixth Form

Alongside, our pre-designed workshops, we also offer several workshops centred around key practitioners studied in the GCSE and A Level Syllabi.


Here are some of our current practitioner workshops. Can't see what you're looking for? Let us know and we can create a new session for you! We are always more than happy to research and create an extraordinary workshop suited to the needs of your students.

  • Brecht

  • Stanislavski

  • Frantic Assembly

  • Commedia Dell'Arte with Masks

  • Greek Theatre

  • Artaud

  • Berkoff

All our workshops can be specifically tailored or altered upon request, whether it may be to base it upon the topic you're studying in class, a key theme or a message you want to get across, it's all easily altered. If you would like to enquire  about any of our workshops please contact our Artistic Director at for availability, prices, and further information.

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