Our Holiday Projects are such fun and unforgettable weeks for anyone between the ages of 4 to 16. We run projects throughout the October Half Term, Easter and Summer Holidays.  All skill and experience levels are welcome!

Details of our October 2021 projects can be found below!

October Half Term

Take a look at our 3 holiday projects this October Half Term below for ages 4-16 years. All our holiday projects take place at Hook Church, Brook Road, Surbiton, KT6 5DB. 

Hakuna Matata (4-7s)

Monday 25th October 2021, 10am-2pm

Join the circle of life, as we explore the magical animal kingdom, learning songs, dances and acting! Throughout the day we’ll venture deep into the jungle, fly across the magnificent African plains and explore the most sweltering of deserts! All culminating in a incredible performance for friends and family!

£22.50 per person

The Time Machine  (7-11s)

Monday 25th October 2021, 10am-4pm

Imagine you could travel anywhere in time in space! Well, this October Half Term you can as we travel throughout time and space in this fun-filled day of theatre! Throughout the day you’ll visit both the past and the future, creating your own time travelling play, building flying cars and heading off on an adventure, which hopefully won’t damage the space time continuum!

£30 per person

Young Voices Project  (11-16s)

Tuesday 26th October 2021, 10am-4pm

Over just one day, against the clock, devise your own short play from a teenager’s perspective! The script is entirely in your hands. Along with your fellow cast members, you will devise a brand new play on a theme that you think is important to be told from a teenage perspective. The day ends with a performance, sharing your thought-provoking piece!

£30 per person

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