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Our Mini Academy for Reception to Year 2 allows our young performers to start to explore their imaginations. Throughout the term we allow them to explore their young minds and whisk them away to a range of magical places through singing, dancing and acting!

Every week our Mini Academy head off on a magical adventure related to their term theme! In past terms we have explored the depths of the jungle to setting sail on the Jolly Rodger with Peter Pan!

All of our exercises and games are story led following our term theme! We explore these through singing, acting and dancing, from using our favourite fairy tales to creating our own mini scenes. Our Mini classes are bags full of fun! Your child will develop skills such as rhythm, vocal technique and storytelling, whilst growing in confidence, making friends and developing teamwork skills.

Every term ends with a performance for friends and family! This term we are travelling in time as part of the 'Time Travelling Team'! We will be meeting Neil Armstrong on the moon, flying into the future and experiencing the land of the dinosaurs!



Our next Mini's production will be as they take part in 'South Side Showtime', our 5-year gala evening in March at Esher Theatre, alongside every other South Side student.


Past Mini Academy productions include 'Alice in Wonderland', which took place in March 2022 and 'The Magnificent Circus'! 

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