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Primary School Workshops

Outstanding Stage

Experiences For Your Students

At South Side Theatre Academy offer an array of Primary school Workshops. We offer tailor made workshops to suit the individual needs of teachers and their students. They can be designed around any theme or topic of your choice, or we can offer one of our already designed workshops below.


To enquire about a workshop for your school please contact our Artistic Director on

Crazy Characters

This practical workshop will give your students the building blocks to develop and create their own characters or enhance characters from a script. We will spend the session bringing to life characters based on your favourite story book characters, adding our own twist onto them, before placing them into practical, fun-filled situations. 


(Year 3 to Year 6, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

Marvellous World of Roald Dahl

Dive right into the marvellous world of Roald Dahl as we bring to life the famous books you know and love. Across this session we'll re-create your favourite Matilda scenes, use physical theatre to create our own chocolate inventing machines and even travel off in  a giant peach!


(Reception to Year 6, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

The Time Travelling Team

Join the Time Travelling Team, as with the help of Roberto the Robot and his time-travelling fob watch we travel back on an adventure to find out more about the past! Across your workshop we can travel back to multiple locations, or take in the sights of a location you are currently studing in history.


(Reception to Year 2, 1 hour workshop)

Play in a Day

Across one jam-packed day we will write, rehearse and perform a brand new, original play in a day, created by your students. Working with our theatre directors, we'll start the day with a stimulus and see which way it takes us from there, before performing for the rest of the school and friends and family at the end of the day!


(Recepton to Year 6, 1 school day)

Movie Mayhem

Join us on the red carpet, as we explore the glittering world of Hollywood in this Movie themeded workshop. Across the workshop we'll explore different genres of movies and how we can create the specific styles required for these genres on stage.


(Year 3 to 6, 1-1.5 hours workshop)

Writing Your Voice

A long term project, designed for those in year 4 to 6. 

Working with our incredible South Side team, you will create and write your own script based on characters, dialogue and story ideas developed through a series of workshops. Using the students ideas we will then piece together and rehearse a full performance, before sharing it with friends and family either at school or in a local theatre!


(Year 4 to 6, weekly workshop across a term or two)

All our workshops can be specifically tailored or altered upon request, whether it may be to base it upon the topic you're studying in class, a key theme or a message you want to get across, it's all easily altered. If you would like to enquire  about any of our workshops please contact our Artistic Director at for availability, prices, and further information.

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