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Your child's safety is the most important thing out of everything we do at South Side. We ensure that every class, project and production is run in a safe and secure environment.

Safeguarding and health and safety is an essential part of all our teams training before working with any of our Young People. All South Side staff also have valid DBS certificates with class leaders all holding First Aid certificates. Several members of the team are also Mental Health Aware Trained and have also taken part in Autism and ADHD training.  South Side is overlooked by our Safeguarding Officer, Bethany Pease from Kingston Social Services (Achieving for Children).

We currently have the following policies and procedures in place, which can be viewed upon request:

  • Anti-bullying Policy

  • Equality & Diversity Policy

  • Fire Safety Procedure

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • Photography & Video Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Recruitment Policy

  • Risk Assessments (for all class locations, trips and productions)

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  • South Side Code of Conduct

Read our Safeguarding, Privacy and Anti-Bullying Policy here and Terms and Conditions:

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