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Kiss/Marry/Push Off Cliff
By Josh Azouz  Performed by our Young Company as part of  National Theatre Connections

Friday 26th April 2024, 8pm │ Southwark Playhouse, 77-85 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD

the cornerHOUSE, Surbiton

116 Douglas Road, Surbiton, KT6 7SB

This April, our Young Company bring the powerful and moving play 'Kiss/Marry/Push Off Cliff' back to the stage as we transfer to our partner theatre  as part of the National Theatre Connections programme, performing at the Southwark Playhouse Borough!


A group of friends go camping – but after only one night, one of them is ostracised by the rest of the group and cast out into wilderness for something they said…or was it something they did…? it’s strange and it’s about to get stranger as friendships are tested, new alliances formed, trusts are broken and reality is twisted out of shape…the trip becomes a rite of passage…guided by a moral compass, that isn’t entirely reliable.

Our National Theatre Connections show is being performed as part of our Young Company, Ages 15-19 Weekly Theatre Academy classes on a Tuesday. You can find out how to join the cast of future productions by clicking here.

Contains strong language and mentions of substance abuse. Recommended audience age 12+

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