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Start Your South
Side Experience

Fill in the booking form here to book a free trial or sign-up to one of our term time classes or holiday projects.  Once you've filled in the form we will send you over details on how you can secure your place by paying for your class. You may put siblings on the same form.  Please ensure you check your spam folder for your confirmation.

Weekly Theatre Academy (2-Week Free Trial)
Holiday Projects 2023

Please read the Terms and Conditions before proceeding: 


  1. If I am running late to collect my child I will ring up the South Side Theatre Academy phone line.

  2. I will pay all the class fees a month before the start of term or first day of the holiday project and will give at least 1 month's notice prior to the start of the new term if we decide to stop classes and understand no refunds will be given once places are paid for unless the class is full and your place is taken. 

  3. I will let South Side Theatre Academy know if any personal details change so we can update our records. Especially emergency contact details. 

  4. I will make a leader aware if a child can't make a class or is being picked up by someone else. 

  5. I agree that the information given on the form is correct. 

  6. I agree to pay my class fees via direct debit, with details supplied by South Side.

  7. Free trials allows for 2 consecutive weeks of taster classes. Following your trial if you wish to continue in the class you will then be invoiced for the full term fee. The free option allows you to try the session without committing for the term, rather than reduce class fees. 

  8. I have read the full South Side terms and conditions by clicking here.

You only need to fill in the form once unless your details have changed. So if you have filled it in for a previous booking all you have to do to book your place is  pay for your class. 

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