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Duffle Bags
By Toby Ward-Smith & Workshopped by South Side's Monday Seniors
Friday 12th July 2024, 8pm │ the cornerHouse, 116 Douglas Rd, Surbiton, KT6 7SB

When Mia and Liam's worlds are turned upside down by devastating news at home, two unlikely teenagers form the most unlikely of friendships, founded through the struggles they are battling with. 

Duffle Bags is a powerful, poignant piece of theatre, written by our Artistic Director, Toby, and workshopped and developed by our amazing Monday Seniors class. The play tells the story of Mia's whose mum is diagnosed with cancer and Liam, whose parents are divorcing and the challenges behind closed doors teenagers face. Inspired by a conversation Toby had with a student, who found it difficult every other weekend packing their life up into a bag to stay at their dads, Duffle Bags is a thought-provoking new play you don't want to miss.

Duffle Bags is being performed as a scratch play, meaning it is a piece in development. This performance will be a semi-staged performance to aid the development of the piece. 

'Duffle Bags' is being performed as part of our Senior, Ages 11-15 Weekly Theatre Academy classes on a Monday. You can find out how to join the cast by clicking here.

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