Classes may be suspended, but we still believe it’s so key we continue to be creative! That’s why we’re launching the #SouthSideCreativeChallenges! Over the next few weeks we will challenge all our South Siders with a series of creative challenges that we will share on social media and potentially use in future classes and projects. All the challenegs so far can be found below.

Challenge #1 - 18th March

Our very first challenge is a singing challenge. Record yourself singing ‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda the Musical using a backing track and send it to us on social media or to our email and we’ll put together all the clips and post the mash-up video on our social media! Feel free to be as creative as you’d like with your videos. Maybe do an interpretative dance or build a set for the background of your video. You’ve got until 7pm on Saturday 21st March to get us your videos! Get singing!

Challenge #2 - 22nd March

We want you to design a set for a show of your choice! It could be anything from a New York skyline for Bugsy Malone or an abstract Alice in Wonderland scene. It’s completely up to you! Send those into us via social media or email by Tuesday at 6pm and we’ll share some of them on our social media! You never know, we may even use it if we end up doing the show in the future! Get designing!

Challenge #3 - 25th March

Puppetry is a part of some of the most famous shows, including the Lion King and War Horse. We want you to make your own puppet for the third challenge! It can be from a show, story or your own creation. Use bits around your house to create your puppet. Once made send us a photo via social media or email, or record yourself performing a show with it and send that over! You have until Friday at 5pm! 

Challenge #4 - 30th March

Send us a video of you dancing along to your favourite song to our email or social media. Have as much fun with it as possible! Get costumes on or your family involved and get a party going in your living room! Get your videos to us by 5pm on Thursday.

Challenge #5 - 6th April

For this weeks Creative Challenge we want you to write a short play. It can be on anything of your choice, from aliens to a murder mystery to a musical. The only requirement is it has to be no longer then 10 minutes long. Fire it over once done and you never know we may use it in a future class or even perform it on stage! You have until Sunday to get this to us. 

Challenge #6 -13th April

We have seen so many amazing stories come to life on the stage and in classes over the last few years and for the final Creative Challenge we want to celebrate ‘Your South Side Story!’ 

We want you to record a short clip of you talking about ‘Your South Side Story’.

Things to include may be:

  1. Tell us how long you’ve been coming to South Side.

  2. What shows have you been in or what’s been your favourite show?

  3. What do you love about coming to South Side?

  4. What’s been your favourite memory?

  5. What’s been the funniest moment?

These are just a few ideas, you can say as little or as much as you like! Even if you’ve only done 1 show or project with us you can still get involved! Send these videos to us via email or social media by 6pm Thursday and we will put them all together to create one final #SouthSideCreativeChallenge Mash-Up video.



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